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Facilitating Executive Function Skills during Online Teaching

Are you a teacher or professional who works with students? This webinar is for you! Online teaching has many challenges, and it can be even more challenging with students who have executive functioning difficulties. They can struggle with engagement, focus, organization and/or completing tasks. When you are in the classroom you can look over the shoulder of a student to check their understanding, to intervene for a teachable moment or to redirect their attention. How can you monitor the student, ensure their learning and essentially make the remote teaching experience be the 'same' but 'different'?

Questions we will answer in this webinar:

  • How can I tailor virtual sessions to increase participation?
  • How do I support my students EF skills when I have no control over the student’s environment?
  • How can I adjust my virtual instructions so they are targeted, clear and helpful to students?
  • What are some strategies I can provide my students with time management while they do this work virtually?
  • How can I identify who is struggling with executive function and disorganization in this virtual model?

We will share many remote learning resources and the specific purposes for when to use them. Many new ideas and even if you are familiar with a few, we will demonstrate how your tasks and assignments can match the technology to support the development of the executive function skills.

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